WC Auto Detail

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*Note: All prices are for basic cars and small suv's.
For larger vehicles, please inquire for pricing.

Basic Express

Our value option
  • Hand Wash
  • Tire Treatment
  • Vacuum
  • Windows
  • Interior Express Clean (wipedown)

Exterior Detail

  • Decontamination of road debris & road film of all exterior surfaces
  • Wheels & wheel wells
  • Engine bay & chassis bath
  • Windows

Interior Detail

  • Carpets, seats, fabric shampooed and extracted
  • Trim & plastics cleaned and dressed
  • Vent Ducts cleaned
  • Interior Windows
  • Door Jams
  • Clean Mats

Ad-hoc services:

Only engine bay


Only carpet seats and mats


Ceramic Coatings

  • 2 year - $450
  • 4 year - $800
  • 8 year - $1200
These prices apply to an "average" car/SUV/truck. Now of course average can mean a lot of things to many people. Most cases will fall under these prices, but depending on the condition of your vehicle, there can be exceptions to these prices. We would of course disclose/explain any reasoning beforehand. Please keep in mind that without actually seeing your vehicles condition its impossible for us to give you a guaranteed quote. We can give you an estimate though. We offer a wide variety of detailing options to fit your vehicles needs. We use only the best products & equipment in the industry. Our goal is to protect and clean both the interior and exterior of your vehicles and assure you that your car will last you a lifetime, staying protected from the unforgiving Ohio elements.